Bó Balm - the ultimate, all-in-one skin soother.

From use as a daily moisturiser, to soothing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, using it as nappy rash cream on your little one, helping heal dry, cracked skin, using as a tattoo balm, on sunburned skin, —we can’t recommend Bó Balm enough.

The main ingredient of our Bó Balm is the precious kidney fat of our organic grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. Our ancestors knew the benefits of tallow on skin, and this wisdom is carried on in Bó Balm. The skin responds to tallow on a cellular level, because it’s from an animal with a similar makeup. Sebum is the ingredient in our skin that keeps it moist, and sebum is Latin for “tallow.” Combined with the healing properties of essential oils, you’ve got yourself a quality, clean product that’ll produces excellent results.

Available in our 30ml travel size. we take great pride in the fact that each product has been hand-rendered, and hand-mixed, filled, and labelled by hand. At Bó Balm, we love knowing exactly what goes into each jar and where each ingredient comes from.

– Organic, Grass-Fed Organic Tallow: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, repairs damaged skin, rich in vitamins A, D, E + K, all skin types
– Organic Essential Oils –


A little goes a long way. Apply sparingly to your body, face fand hands for healthy, soft skin. Good for all skin types. Store in a cool, dry place for maximum longevity.

– all skin types
– dry + irritated
– eczema
– stretch marks
– nappy rash –for babies over 3 months old

Handcrafted in small batches, using fresh ingredients, all natural, all organic and whipped to perfection. Bó Balm tallows are like no moisturizer you have ever used before. Try it today to see just how powerful nature’s ingredients can be for so many skin issues.


What is Tallow?
Tallow is animal oil that has been slowly and carefully home- rendered from the kidney fat of animals like cows or sheep. Our tallow is slowly home-rendered from our own organically farmed and grass-fed/finished Galloway cattle. Due to the diet and care of our cattle, this gives our tallow an amazing vitamin and fatty acid profile.

Why have I never heard of this?
Tallow was prized in the past, but as chemical products became more and more popular, tallow was left behind and forgotten. Now, as people are becoming more aware of the side effects of harsh chemicals and man-made products, we find ourselves turning back to what nature had provided all along.

What is the Bó Balm difference?
A few things separate us from others;
1) Ingredients – We use only the finest tallow that comes from our own cattle on our organic farm in Tipperary.
2) Texture. Our tallow is whipped, fluffy and easy to apply.
3) Handmade – Our ingredients are fresh and hand-made in small batches. This ensures a high quality and freshness.

Why use cow fat?
Because our bodies absorb it so easily! There is a vitamin profile in animal oils (A, D, E, and K) that is a one-of-a-kind combination that cannot be found in plant-based oils alone.

Where do we get our tallow? From our own cattle.

How do I use it?
There are lots of ways. Most people use it on their faces and bodies as a general moisturizer. Others love to use for specific skin problems and irritations. We have clients who use our tallow for face cream, body moisturizer, bug bites, razor burn, rashes, burns, cellulite, stretchmarks, scars, dry skin, itchy skin, scalp treatment, cracked feet/heels, growing belly during pregnancy, aging spots, baby care and eczema.

Why use tallow?
It’s natural. There are no harsh chemicals that often result in negative side effects. As we age, we produce less oil in our skin, which helps us keep our youthful glow. Nowhere else can you find this acid profile with its nutrient rich properties. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, along with palmitoleic acid, conjugated linoleic acid, nourish your skin and protect from the outside.

Is it greasy/oily?
Our tallow balm easily soaks into the skin. It may feel a little greasy at first if you use a lot, but it will soak in a couple minutes. If your skin doesn’t absorb what you apply after several minutes, then you are applying too much. Remember that a little goes a long way. Surprisingly, Bó Balm tallow works with oily skin as well. Give oily skin a couple of weeks to adjust and balance out oil production. We have seen great success with clients who claimed that their oil production normalized after several weeks of use.

What’s the shelf life?
We usually recommend using it within 12 months.

Where can I get it?
Bó Balm is currently stocked in The Urban Co-op in Limerick. We are looking for new stockists so if you’re interested, please get in contact.
Also, there is an enquiry form on our page if you are interested in trying a jar.

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