About Us

Grassfed Galloway Beef

We are Joe and Eileen Condon who, after returning from working in New York in 1992, acquired a rambling tract of hill land upon which we’ve been raising and selling Galloway beef direct to the consumer ever since.

Galloways are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. Galloways are extensive grazers, meaning their barrel shape with shorter legs enables them to naturally roam and graze comfortably on the hills, where, as well as grassland, they eat purple moor grasses and heather. This has two benefits: their meat is flavoured by our over 64 grass species, and our land benefits from improved biodiversity based on their grazing habits.
• We have had Galloways on our land since 1997. They are the pioneers of conservation grazing, now seen as crucial in modern-day farming.
• The land our Galloways graze is free from artificial fertilisers, and virtually untouched since the bronze age.
• Our Galloways are not forced into housing in the winter- they have the freedom to graze outdoors year-round, with access to shelter when they want it.
The double-coat of hair unique to the Galloway breed allows them to graze outdoors, year-round. Their level of fitness also means they calve easily, so we have very little need for vetinary interventions or medicines. The extra coat of hair means the fat in their beef is dispersed throughout the meat, not just on the outer layer of the meat where cattle with less hair store their fat to keep them warm.
Galloway beef is sought after by many butchers. One such well-established butcher notes “the Galloway traditional breed is a sweeter meat due to the fact that the animals are kept outside all year round, and for a longer timeframe, usually two summers”.
Many studies show Galloway beef to be higher in protein, minerals and anti-oxidants, while low in cholesterol and saturated fat and the marbled fat has an exceptionally good Omega 6:3 ratio. This is a key benefit of their diet and grazing behaviour.
We are grateful to our many loyal customers, who value how we farm, and the special qualities of our meat, and of course, we are grateful to our Galloways.

Bó Balm

Having developed a successful meat business over the years, for customers who like the taste and health properties of our premium meat products that can be consumed
without the input of grains and artificial fertilisers, we discovered
that the tallow from our animals has unique properties beneficial to
skin, and so we began making our own skin balm from this tallow – Bo Balm

Our low-input organic farming system reflects our values of letting
nature and our animals get on with what they do best, with little
interference from us. Harvesting the grass-fed tallow of our Galloways
is one of the key ways in which the work of our animals grazing our
hills is fully honoured. The tallow is one of the reservoirs of the
goodness that the hills give.