What does the name Omega Beef Direct mean?

The name refers to Omega 3, a fat that is beneficial to human health and well-being. Research has shown that beef in general and the Galloway breed in particular, are naturally high in these “good” fats. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/animals-and-livestock/beef-cattle/breeding/beef-cattle-breeds/galloway “Direct” refers to our philosophy of bringing our award-winning beef straight to the consumer.

In What Way is Omega Beef Direct a unique low-impact beef farm?

As well as our land being certified organic since 1997, we are now piloting a novel conservation grazing method that entails the use of cutting-edge virtual fence technology. This allows our cattle to graze our sensitive upland habitats in the most conservation-friendly way possible. This grazing method has been shown to sequester more carbon in the grassland than is emitted, which allows our cattle and grazing methodology to be part of the solution by both adapting to and mitigating against the effects of climate change.

What type of beef products do you sell?

Our most popular product is what we call the “Ultimate Steak Burger”: our award-winning 100% Galloway quarter-pounder, with naturally high levels of Omega 3. No gluten, no preservatives, no fillers, no colouring or flavouring. We can also supply customised boxes of our beef, by special order, to include steaks, marrowbones, stir-fry, etc. These orders need a longer lead-in time.

What is unique about our production method?

Our upland grazing has never been subjected to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or weed-killers, leaving the soil in a natural pristine condition, virtually unchanged since the Bronze Age. • Our low impact farm has a much lower stocking level than a commercial farm. • Our meat is dry-aged for at least 14 days, expertly hand-cut, wrapped and blast-frozen immediately to protect valuable nutrients and omega 3 fats. Our burgers can be cooked from frozen.

What is unique in the way you farm?

(a) It’s extensive rather than intensive.

(b) The upland grazing has never been subjected to chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed-killer, leaving the soil in a natural pristine condition.

Why are your products different from the standard meat products I buy?

There are many reasons our meat differs from the more standard products on the market, see our Comparison List below

Comparison List

Commercially Available Burgers:

  1. Lower in healthy fats due to high concentration of a grain diet.
  2. Animals kept in high-density housing system for long periods.
  3. Non-traditional high- input Continental breeds used
  4. “A single fast food hamburger now contains meat from dozens or even hundreds of cattle.” Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation.
  5. Contains additives and preservatives
  6. Visitors not welcome in factory farming systems for “health and safety reasons”
  7. May be imported. High food miles
  8. Push to feed cattle grains. For all grains fed, only 5% will end up as human food- grains which could’ve been eaten by humans in the first place

Omega Beef Burger:

  1. High in Omega 3 due to natural grass diet.
  2. Totally natural year-round grazing system
  3. Traditional Western European beef breed
  4. Each burger can be traced back to one animal.
  5. Absolutely no fillers / flavourings / colourings / preservatives / Gluten-free.
  6. Open gate policy. People are welcome to visit farm and see any aspect of process
  7. Local; Irish. Lower food miles.
  8. The philosophy behind sustainable natural healthy beef production is to utilize grass which is not digestible by humans to produce a food product for human consumption.

In What way will Omega Beef be delivered?

Omega Beef is dispatched blast-frozen from our farm in specially designed insulated boxes and shipped overnight by delivery van to your front door. If your meat does not arrive in satisfactory condition, or you are unhappy with any part of your order, we will arrange a replacement or refund. In case of any problems, please Contact US. Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns or refund purchases in the event that no one is available to accept the order, or the wrong address has been given.